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Why should you become part of the ETG community?

The ERBA Trading Group has set itself the goal of establishing a large family of traders. Thanks to our years of experience on the markets and the Trading sessions with our students we exactly know the problems new traders face on the daily basis trying to become a profitable trader. What is the best way to start, which indicator is the best, what strategy suits me, which timeframe should I trade etc. With us you will get answers to all these questions and become a profitable Trader in no time! Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to become a part of the ERBA Leading Team and get Funded with an account size up to 100.000 Euro.


ERBA Trading Service/Community

We do not sell courses, webinars, DVDs or other upsells, because we see ourselves as a team of traders with the same goal. We offer you the opportunity to look us over the shoulders during our daily live sessions. Learn how we prepare for the upcoming trading day, how we proceed afterwards and last but not least how we follow up our trades. Learning by Doing is the best way to become a bit better every day.

  • Training Material – A Pool of Practical Knowledge
  • Live Sessions – The daily look over our shoulder
  • Community Chat – Learn from experienced traders
  • 1to1 Coaching – your personal fine-tuning
  • Funded accounts – Trade up to €100,000

Become a successful and profitable trader with our services and the help of the community. We accompany you on your way from beginner to an funded ERBA Leading Trader.

Our values

Trading means freedom. In the coming years, we want to train 1,000 people to become profitable traders and help them to gain a piece of freedom.

We see the ERBA Trading Community as a family. We respect each other. Competition is a foreign word for us. We support each other and pass on our knowledge without restriction.

We feel committed to each and every one of our members and we respond individually to our members. We are constantly developing our service and adapting it to the wishes of the community.

We give you everything you need to trade successfully in the markets. To learn successfully you need 3 steps:

  1. Capture. Our extensive teaching material lays the foundation for your later success. We combine fundamental business news with technical analysis. We also provide you with useful mental tips
  2. Process. Our live sessions serve to show you practical examples of how we proceed. So you have the chance to look over the shoulder of experienced traders.
  3. Apply. All this theory is of no use to you if you don’t put it into practice. The sooner you get into action, the sooner you will achieve success. It takes determination and consistency to be successful on the markets in the long run.

We attach great importance to family interaction. Mutual respect is the basis for our community. Open feedback ……..

One Team – One Dream.

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Become a part of the ERBA Trading Community and be successful together with us.

Learn and trade together from and with experienced traders.

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