Why do I have to pass the challenge several times?2019-12-12T14:52:54+01:00

We need to make sure that no gamblers trade our money to protect our capital. Only those who achieve the Challenge goal several times without breaking our rules are a good trader. We entrust our capital to them.

Will my trading result be analyzed?2019-11-03T20:41:06+01:00

We analyze your trades and give you tips on how to improve after each step. As a capitalized ERBA trader we also have 1-to-1 conversations to make you even more successful. We have a real interest in making each of you an ERBA Trader so that we can become a strong and supportive community.

Is the number of ERBA traders limited?2019-11-03T20:40:38+01:00

Yes, on the one hand we want to guarantee sufficient support for the traders and on the other hand the number of funded accounts is capped by the available group of investors. This varies constantly so that we can never say exactly how many ERBA traders we can accept. First come, first served.

Can I repeat a challenge for free?2019-11-03T20:39:55+01:00
Why is the challange free?2019-11-03T20:39:30+01:00
Do i have to pay to get funded?2019-11-03T20:38:44+01:00
Will the funded acc. be on your or my name?2019-11-03T20:38:15+01:00
Where can i check my challange status?2019-11-03T20:37:51+01:00
How will the earnings be split after i pass the challange?2019-11-03T20:37:28+01:00
Max of 1 Lot per pair/indices2019-11-03T20:34:33+01:00

You are allowed to enter multiple times in one pair, the total lot Size used for that particular pair should not exceed 1 Lot!

2x 0.5 Lot = 1 lot in total (ok)
10x 0.10 Lot = 1 lot in total (ok)
3x 0.50 Lot = 1.5 lot in total (not allowed)

No overweekend trades2019-11-03T20:33:42+01:00

We donT allow to carry trades overweekend. A trader need to know how to protect his account from big losses. Sometimes we have big gaps on weekend. It can give a trade hugh profits but also hugh losses. In the past many challenger and funded trader kicked out of the challenge. We have to protect our money. So we donT allow it anymore.

Profit Target2019-11-03T20:33:09+01:00

All our challenges have an profit target of 10%. For an 10k challenge it means that you have to make a profit of min. 1000€. All trades must be closed  to be valid.

Max. Total Loss2019-11-03T20:31:32+01:00

All our challenges have an max total loss of 10%. In a 10k account it means that it is not allowed to have an equity lower than 9000€.

Take note that foalting losses counts to the losses.

Max. Daily Loss2019-11-03T20:31:08+01:00

Max Daily Loss (f.e.) 500€ means that it is not allowed to loose more than 500€ in one day.
When you make in your first trade 200€ profit you can loose in your 2. trade 699€.

Positive days min. 50%2019-11-03T20:30:34+01:00

A positiv day is when your account balance (beginning of the day) is higher your account equity at the end of the day. Take note that the equity always incl. floating losses.

Minmum 10 Tradingday2019-11-03T20:30:10+01:00

You have to set on minimum 10 days minimum one trade. So you have to set minimum 10 trades on 10 different days.

30 period Days2019-11-03T20:29:19+01:00

You have 30 days (incl. weekend days) to reach the challenge target without violating our rules.

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