Trade with our capital

We give you the opportunity to trade with our capital.

Become an ERBA Trader. Prove to us in 2 levels (Challenge and Verification) that you have what it takes, and you will receive a funded account up to 100,000 EUR from us to trade with. 70% of your winnings will be paid out month after month. The ERBA Trading Group covers all risks.


1. Challenge

You have 30 days to show off your skills.

In order to check if you really have what it takes, there are fixed rules that need to be followed. Depending on the size of your account, these rules include the Max. Daily Loss and Max. Sum Loss. In addition you have to reach certain goals like a target profit and a winning rate of at least 50%. (More information in the package selection below)


2. Verification

Show us that the successful Challenge was no luck and that you really have what it takes.

With the verification you prove that you are a constantly profitable trader and thus qualify for the capitalized ERBA Trader. The same conditions and goals apply as for the Challenge.

Become a funded Trader

3. Become a funded Trader

From now on earn money without own risks with a funded trading account.

As a funded ERBA trader you not only have a well-equipped trading account with a profit split of 70/30 and earn a lot of money without your own risk. You also have a team behind you that continuously supports you in all matters. Because your success is also our success.

Start now!

FAQ for funded Trader

Here are some answers to the most important questions.

Creating accounts, managing them and looking after the trader accordingly is an effort that our team makes and must be rewarded accordingly. But this is not the most important reason to charge a fee. This is how we separate the wheat from the chaff. Keep all those from trying and not being serious. We want to offer a chance to those who really want it and we get all the support they need to reach their goals. As additional motivation, every trader gets his fee refunded if he also reaches his profit target in the first capitalized month.

No. For security reasons, the capitalized account is created under our name with our broker. The ERBA Trader receives a so-called Read Only access and can trade locally on his computer via the account. The profit split then always takes place once a month.

Your winnings will be transferred to your account once a month. Alternatively, we also pay out to credit cards, Paypal. If you have a trading account within the ERBA team, we can also transfer the money directly to your account.

Since we do not know your other sources of income, we cannot give you a clear answer. Here we recommend to visit a tax consultant who knows the matter if possible. We are not allowed to give advice.

We need to draw clear lines here just to be fair to any trader. Therefore, if a target is exceeded or not reached, the challenge or verification is considered failed and must be reapplied for if desired.

A free repetition of the challenge is basically possible. For this, however, you may not tear any of the max losses and your account may not have any losses. If this is the case, we offer you, depending on your performance, the possibility to try again at a discount.

Yes, on the one hand we want to guarantee sufficient support for the traders and on the other hand the number of funded accounts is capped by the available group of investors. This varies constantly so that we can never say exactly how many ERBA traders we can accept. First come, first served.

We analyze your trades and give you tips on how to improve after each step. As a capitalized ERBA trader we also have 1-to-1 conversations to make you even more successful. We have a real interest in making each of you an ERBA Trader so that we can become a strong and supportive community.

No. We are looking for real trader who are able to control their trades 100%. An Robot is a stupid machine which cannot react on changing market conditions. Btw. all past Challenger who tried to trade by an EA Robot failed. Thats also a reason why donT allow it anymore.

No. For security reasons we don’t allow to hold trades overweekend. Most big gaps happen on weekends. Whenever a market close a full day trades are not allowed to hold, even this day is a week day like New Year or any other major holiday.


Become a funded ERBA Trader and succeed with us

We take the full risk and you keep 70% of your winnings.

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    1. Select your desired account.
    2. Pass the Challenge
    3. Pass the verification
    4. Become a funded Trader
    5. Keep 70% of your winnings.
    6. Get your deposit back if you reach your goal in the first month of fundings.
    7. We take the full risk.
    8. Benefit as an ERBA Trader from further earning opportunities.


    “Die Kapitalisierung nimmt mir das Risiko mein eigene Geld zu verlieren. Seitdem trade ich noch erfolgreicher.”

    Martin M., Germany

    “ERBA funding allows me to become a professional trader. Much thanks. ”

    José B., Brasil

    “Die Betreueung während der Challenge hat mir sehr geholfen mich wieder auf Spur zu bringen.”

    Emmy .K, Germany