We trade your capital

We give you the opportunity to benefit from our Trading

Let us, professionals do the work while you easily copy our trades and keep the control of your account.
No monthly fees, just a profit share.
This is the most honest and transparent Account management you can find!

Why choose our AM??

Why choose our AM?

ERBA stands for honesty, fairness and security.

More than 10 traders give our AM the necessary security and stability
No Deposit transfer to us. You keep your Account in your hand.
Don’t pay a fee, only a commission if you also make a profit

Profit Share

Profit Share

We earn only if you earn!

We provide our customers with the most honest and transparent Account management out there. Which is why we don’t charge any monthly fees, just a profit split.
This ensures you that you only have to pay for this service if you earn money from it!

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FAQ Account Management

Here are some answers to the most important questions.

No. You have your money 100% under your control. We neither manage your account nor can we withdraw money.
Our trades are copied into your account and the performance split has to be transferred weekly to us. You can deactivate your account at any time.

No. We only charge a performance fee. We only earn if we are successful. Therefore we are highly motivated to be successful, because only if you earn, we also earn.

Yes, you can activate and deactivate your account at any time. This gives you total control over your money.

Only if all AM accounts are running on the same server and the same
Brokers we can ensure that our trades are also securely transferred to your account.

In addition, our broker provides us with a VPS for each account. So you don’t need to run your account on your computer.

It is in both interests that everything works safely to not lose any money.

It depends on your deposit:

We take a splitt fee of 50% to 30%

In that case pls contact our support. We have a solution for you.

Min Deposit on your own AM account is 200USD.

We have no access to your Broker Account. And we cannot make any withdraw. Its 100% in you control.

You have have to out the profit Splitt weekly. Till Saturday you have to send us the weekly Profit splitt by Paypal, Skrill, Netteller.

If it does not reach us in time at least on sunday your account will be blocked till you pay us the splitt. To reactivate your account we have to charge 10USD.


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