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We want you to develop important trading skills and healthy trading habits that will last a lifetime right from the start. We offer aspiring trader leading tools to provide you with the best possible education: Live screen sharing, chat rooms video lessons, courses, daily live webinars, market scanners and more.

Learn when to join a trade and why. Get trade ideas explained to you early, with entries, exits, goals and stops to track and execute live. Our strategy is to time the entry points correctly to maximize return while minimizing risk. We execute trades live via screen sharing and our step-by-step chat room.

Learn what you should risk and when. Become a master of risk management. Our ERBA Trading Strategy explains our systematic approach to risk management and how we schedule our trades to reduce risk exposure and maximize returns – Learn about the working setups and how you can schedule them effectively and securely.

In addition to daily live trading, we conduct live webinars where we review each trade and answer questions to ensure our traders get the support they need and accelerate their learning curve as quickly as possible. These webinars are recorded daily and published on our website so our traders can review trades to learn and grow whenever they want.

We do NOT sell any additional products or up-selling. All we want is for you to invest enough time and energy in our community to pursue the same goal together. As an ERBA Trading member you get full access to a growing video library with trading setups, risk management system, trading strategy, trade psychology, trade recaps and much more.

We record our daily webinars that describe our trades, strategies and plans for the next trading day so that our students can view them at any time. If you are a student or work part-time, this is the perfect way to stay on top of things.

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1 to 1 Coaching

Increase your trading performance in individual discussions.

In our 1to1 coachings we can deal more specifically with your questions and problems. Every trader is different and therefore an individual coaching is needed to make you an even better trader. A must for every trader who does not find answers in the general chat or training video.

ERBA Mentor Trading Service

Become part of a unique trading community

The ERBA Trading Community will not only help you become a profitable trader, but will also give you the opportunity to earn money from the very beginning through our live sessions, live trades and learning videos. As a profitable trader you also get the chance of a career in our team and can earn even more money.

Basic (Monthly)

60 $
  • Morning Briefing
  • Daily Live Screen Share
  • Daily Trade Setups/Signals
  • Live Trades
  • Daily Watchlist
  • Video Bibliothek (Basic)

Premium (Monthly)

  • Morning Briefing
  • Daily Live Screen Share
  • Live Trades
  • Daily Watchlist
  • ReCab Feedback
  • Trade Idea Feedback
  • Video Bibliothek (Advanced)
  • Weekly Team Meetings
  • 1to1 Mentor Coaching
  • Free Funded Account Challenge

Basic (Quartely)


Basic (Yearly)


Premium (Quartely)


Premium (Yearly)



Become a part of the ERBA Trading Community and be successful together with us.

Learn and trade together from and with experienced traders.